Software development for financial markets

We develop software to meet the conditions and requirements of the modern world, where the important criteria are the speed of decision-making, working with a large flow of information and the complexity of the financial architecture

Development of bots for trading

Development of assistant bots to notify exchange clients about the necessary entry or exit points from a trade transaction. Various options for connecting platforms. Working with Binance, Huobi, Currency, etc. exchanges. High degree of confidentiality of information.

Development of bots for betting

Development of software, services for searching and tracking events in betting. Connected platforms Telegram, WhatsApp, Desktop, etc. Completed projects , , , and others . Support for the operability of services 24/7

Fintech Application Development

Mobile, desktop applications for the financial services market «business-to-business» & «business-to-consumer»


Customers from 12 countries.

24/7 technical support. The possibility of an interface in any languages.

Fault tolerance is not possible

The code is developed in strongly typed languages. All errors are eliminated at the development stage.

All code tested.

The possibility of vulnerability, penetration and modification from third-party locations is excluded.

Professional team

It consists of Marketers, developers, testers, designers, analysts, etc.

Placement in production

We perform on the global hosting platforms Google, Amazon, etc.


Affordable price programs. There is a bonus system for regular customers